Smart Polymers Lab at the North Texas Biomedical Engineering & Science Symposium

We are thrilled to share that our Smart Polymers Lab recently participated in the North Texas Biomedical Engineering & Science Symposium hosted by the Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AEMB) student organization. This event brought together students from the University of North Texas (UNT) and other universities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to discuss the latest advancements in biomedical engineering and science.

Our lab presented two posters showcasing our cutting-edge research on shape memory polymers and hydrogels. These posters highlighted our latest findings and innovations, contributing to the growing body of knowledge in the field of smart polymers for biomedical applications.

In addition to our poster presentations, I had the distinct honor of delivering the keynote speech at the symposium. This was a wonderful opportunity to share our lab’s vision, discuss our recent achievements, and outline the future directions of our research. Engaging with fellow students and exchanging ideas in such a dynamic environment was both inspiring and invaluable.

We are also proud to highlight that two students from our lab, Alessandra and Chloe, hold leadership positions within the AEMB student organization. Their dedication and leadership played a crucial role in the successful organization of this event.

We are grateful to AEMB for organizing this impactful event and for providing a platform to showcase our work. We look forward to continued collaboration and innovation in the field of biomedical engineering.

Smart Polymers Lab Shines at the 2024 UNT College of Engineering Research Showcase

The 2024 UNT College of Engineering Research Showcase provided an excellent platform for our Smart Polymers Lab to exhibit our cutting-edge research. We proudly presented three posters highlighting the innovative work being conducted in our lab.

Chloe and Alessandra showcased their research on measuring the antimicrobial properties of bioactive glasses. Their study focused on the potential applications of these materials in preventing infections and enhancing the effectiveness of medical devices. The detailed analysis and promising results drew significant attention from attendees, emphasizing the critical impact of their work in the field of biomaterials.

Raj and Jack presented their research on internal shape memory sleeves, exploring how heat and moisture can be harnessed for healing. Their poster detailed the mechanisms by which these sleeves can adapt and respond to environmental changes, offering potential advancements in medical treatments and wearable technology. The practical implications of their research sparked engaging discussions and highlighted the innovative approach our lab is taking to solve real-world problems.

Finally, Praises, Marc Anthony, and Veda presented their poster on customizable thiol-clickable hydrogels for 3D cell cultures using thiol-click chemistry. Their work on developing versatile and adaptable hydrogels for cell culture applications demonstrates the forefront of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The customizable nature of these hydrogels allows for a wide range of applications, making their research a significant contribution to the field.

The presence of our lab at the showcase not only demonstrated the breadth and depth of our research and underscored our commitment to advancing biomedical engineering. Each of these projects exemplifies the innovative spirit and collaborative efforts that define our lab. We are proud of the hard work and dedication of all our researchers and look forward to continuing our contributions to the field.

Overall, the 2024 UNT College of Engineering Research Showcase was a tremendous success for our Smart Polymers Lab. We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our posters and engaged with our researchers. Your support and interest are invaluable as we continue to push the boundaries of biomedical engineering.

UNT BMES Medical Device Make-a-Thon 2024

The UNT BMES Medical Device Make-a-Thon 2024 has concluded with outstanding success, marking another significant milestone for the University of North Texas’ Department of Biomedical Engineering. Led by Marc Anthony Torres, president of the UNT BMES student chapter, the event brought together some of the brightest minds to tackle pressing medical challenges.

This year’s Make-a-Thon focused on developing innovative solutions to treat Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), a condition affecting millions worldwide. Participants were tasked with creating practical and effective medical devices to alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life for GERD patients.

Among the many exceptional projects, two teams stood out with their remarkable achievements. Congratulations to Sarah and her team for securing 1st place with their groundbreaking solution. Their innovative approach and meticulous execution impressed the judges and set a high standard for future competitions.

Equally impressive was the performance of Praises and her team, who earned a commendable 3rd place. Their project demonstrated creativity, technical skill, and a deep understanding of the challenge at hand.

Marc Anthony Torres deserves special recognition for his exemplary leadership and organizational skills. His dedication to fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation was evident throughout the event. Under his guidance, the UNT BMES Medical Device Make-a-Thon has once again proven to be a fertile ground for future biomedical engineers to grow and excel.

The success of this event underscores the vibrant and dynamic nature of the UNT BMES community. It is a proud moment for all involved, showcasing the ingenuity and determination that will undoubtedly drive future advancements in biomedical engineering.

Congratulations to all participants, and we look forward to witnessing more groundbreaking achievements in the years to come.