New publication: Biocompatibility and thermoplastic formability of Pt-based metallic glasses

Big thanks to Shweta Jagdale and Dr. Golden Kumar from the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Lab at UT Dallas for allowing us to be part of this collaborative effort on biocompatibility and thermoplastic formability of Pt-based metallic glasses!

Great work Qichan on the biocompatibility part of this research.


Pt-based metallic glasses are considered for biomedical applications, but the presence of Ni poses the cytotoxicity concerns. Here, we compare the in vitro cell response and thermoplastic formability of Ni-free and Ni-containing Pt-based metallic glasses. Three glass forming compositions, Pt57.5Cu14.7Ni5.3P22.5, Pt58.7Cu20.3Ag1P20, and Pt57Cu23P20 were investigated. The Ni-free Pt-Cu-Ag-P metallic glass combines the best combination of biocompatibility and thermoplastic forming.

You want to read more? The full publication can be found here: